Home Fibre Fracarro
Fracarro’s new innovative Home Fibre Optic system designed for its simplicity of installation from the headend to the wall outlet. The system uses a conventional LNB and dish assembly requiring no special optical alignment tools. It is capable of carrying all satellite and terrestrial signals through a single 9/125 glass fibre. Additional transmitters can be cascaded using a standard 5 core co-axial back bone giving greater flexibility in system design to supply a large number of outlets. See more

3DGFLEX: Digital Evolution
The new twin DVB-S2 CI-COFDM is part of the brand new 3DGFLEX range which enables you to simultaneously receive programs from 2 different satellite transponders (HD or SD). It generates 2 “ad-Hoc” muxes giving the installer the flexibility to choose the contents to be distributed.
Fully manageable parameters for both DTT muxes and individual programs (LCN, SID, PDSD, NIT, …) The smart cabinet is capable of powering and programming up to 6 individual modules. See more