3DGFLEX Digital Evolution


The 3DGFLEX is a modular unit designed to process a range of digital signals ready to be distributed over a centralised system, such as large apartment buildings or hospitality environments, combining the selected
programs from 3 different satellite input sources into a single multiplex. 

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Auto Remapping Function   Web based interface>span>
You can change a program in real time within the mux without the need to retune all the TV sets in the system.   The headend can be remotely programmed or monitored anytime or anywhere (PC and mobile). When a change is detected in the users configuration an alert e-mail is automatically sent.
ARP 2.0   MUX ad Hoc agile QAM or DTT
Assign a priority level to each program to guarantee continuity of service when a bit rate overflow occurs. All the programs will be sequentially restored when the global bit rate returns to within the system limits.   Create a mux with the chosen programs from up to 3 satellite transponders and manage all the descriptor parameters: just drag and drop the available channels into the mux.    

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